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We live in a market driven by options and volatility. Understanding the direction of volatility and where institutionals are trading, allows us to predict market movements accurately and trade for consistent monthly income

 90%+ SPY/QQQ/VIX expiration accuracy 

About Us

After graduating from Harvard University, Evan started working as an equity research analyst for a Boston based hedge fund. There, Evan was able to develop his quantitative equity research techniques and apply them to option trading. After launching Banana Asset Management, LLC in 2021, Evan has exceeded +10% monthly returns consistently. Evan offers his independent research ideas and live trading analysis services

What is institutional order flow?

Dark pools – Dark pools are private exchanges for trading securities that are not accessible by the investing public. They facilitate block trading by institutional investors who do not wish to impact the markets

Block Trades – a sale or purchase of a large number of securities that is privately negotiated between institutional investors

Option spreads – $1M-$50M+ orders that Institutional execute everyday on the indexes that lead to market impact

Why is this important?

Understanding where the smart money is trading allows us to make smart trading decisions. Specifically, understanding institutional order flow allows us to sell options at key strikes that lead to consistent monthly income in any volatility market.

Is that all we do?

Not at all.Weekly and Daily Sentiment Summaries

Analyzing dark pool profiles, block trades, option and volatility statistics, order flow analysis, and technical analysis to create probability based forecasts for weekly, quarterly and regular expirations on SPY/SPX/QQQ/VIX

Live market analysis and live trading through our Discord

See in real time the institutional order flow analysis and all of my trades